The most Advanced And reliable vehicle tracker
( Self Monitoring system ) Now Available in Pakistan

Self Monitoring Products:-

  • The most reliable vehicle tracker (self monitoring system) now available in Pakistan with hands on control functionality.
  • No need of Bluetooth while driving.
  • Access your vehicle security by cell phone.
  • Two way communication enables monitoring and listening to what is happening in vehicle.
  • Shut down vehicle's engine by cell phone.

How System Works?

  • In case of an emergency such as an opening of vehicle’s door in secure mode, system will auto generate call or SMS to registered cell phone number and provide information regarding vehicle.
  • In case of any emergency owner will be able to turn off vehicle’s engine.
  • Owner can also restore the system in normal state by just issuing code instructions.


  • Traditional Tracker
  • Two way communication is not possible.
  • Control by monitoring base station.
  • Saves vehicle snatching only. Devices functionality can be disabled by GSM jammer.
  • Abrupt reporting after theft. Annual monitoring charges.
  • Service will discontinue on non payment of monitoring charges.
  • System depreciation occur.
  • Self Monitorting Traker
  • Two way communication is possible.
  • Control at your finger tips.
  • Saves vehicle snatching along with valuables inside.
  • Device functionality can not be disabled by GSM jammer.
  • Abrupt reporting of mishap through a call/SMS alert.
  • Just one time cost only.
  • Life time monitoring.
  • System has life time worth.

Key Feature:-

  • Saves vehicle along with valuables inside.
  • Based on advanced technology.
  • Easy to operate by cell phone.
  • Control at your finger tips
  • Two way communication.
  • Just one time cost only.
  • Life time system.
  • GSM jammer detector.
  • Covered by 1 year warranty.

Packages Details:-

    • Features
    • Supreme
    • Platinum
    • Gold
    • GPS Pin Point Location
    • Genral Area Location
    • Door Open Alert with Location
    • Ignation on /off Alerts with Location
    • Engine Kill
    • Geofences
    • Over Speed Alerts
    • Two Way Communication ( Optional )
    • Jammer Detector
    • Unauthorized Startup on Engine Kill
    • Nearest Location
    • Battery Temper Alert
    • Battery Backup
    • Device Cut-off
    • * Real Time Location
    • * web Access for Monitorig and Operating
    • * Fuel Monitoring
    • * Multiple Reports
* Additional Monthly Charges Apply.