The most Advanced And reliable vehicle tracker
( Self Monitoring system ) Now Available in Pakistan


  • AA Tracker (Pvt) Ltd is incorporated under Companies Ordinance, 1984 as on June 21st, 2012.
  • AA Tracker (Pvt) Ltd is unveiling a new venture in technology and communication sector by offering self vehicle tracking and fleet management systems to the general public, corporate sector and government departments, subject to approval of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and License No. DIR(L)CVAS-577/PTA.
  • AA Tracker (Pvt) Ltd is involved in vehicle tracking since 2008, formerly known as "The Valuators".
  • "The Valuators" is now parent company having "AA Tracker (Pvt) Ltd and Sky Vision" running under same umbrella.
  • AA Tracker (Pvt) Ltd. manufactures its products and provides customize tracking solutions as well as customized products for export market.
  • It is geared with professional technical team with outstanding experience in local manufacturing of tracker devices and offers technical support and products to other local tracker companies in Pakistan especially in northern region.
  • AA Tracker (Pvt) Ltd. is proud to have Bank Alfalah, UBL and Silkbank on board as brand partners.


  • To form a trading and services base company that exceeds industry resources and increase customer's expectations.
  • To amplify client base by providing best service and error free products and services, realistically increases at least 25% sales revenue per year basis through practical quality services leading to referrals.
  • To be an established and trustworthy company by year end, in collaboration with banks and insurance companies as brand partners objectives.

Business Success:-

    Vital factors of our successful business are:
  • a. Location: Affordable and easy access for vehicle location by vehicle owner.
  • b. Environment: Providing an environment conducive to offering a high quality services.
  • c. Convenience: Offering the clients a wide range of products in one setting, namely:
    i. 1st Gold
    ii. 2nd Platinum
    iii. 3rd Supreme
  • d. Reputation: Reputation of the owner and staff as superior quality services provider.
  • e. Effective
    Advertising in the corporate environment.

Our Mission:-

  • "Knowledge is power, when applied, endorses success."
  • To adopt the most up-to-date scientific channel of technology that ensures service efficient quality, competitive price and preferred service for the consumer.
  • Customer delight is our zenith focal point and we consistently handiwork towards developing client rapport.
  • Our complete range services qualify through innumerable quality control, testing and operational parameters to guarantee sky-scraping value of our best quality services.
  • Keep Customer Happy is our motive.